Social Media Marketing


Social media can transform the way your audiences inter-act with your brand and drive growth

Thoughtful use of social media can be of enormous value to your audiences and a fantastically effective driver of growth.

There are so many possibilities for even the smallest of organisations. The key is to take the time to design your strategy, plan engaging content and explore the tools that will maximise your most precious asset – your time..

As with all marketing strategies, it’s vital to build your plan around the customer. This is particularly true online, where we need to be where our audiences are and engage in the conversations they’re having.
We use an adaptation of the established SOSTAC® model to create effective social media strategies.

We work with your team to agree a strategy and a practical plan to implement it.

We consider how to differentiate your brand online, your digital brand touch-points and your audience personas. – as well as how and where to reach them and what content/offers/formats to offer them.

Our Process

Every business is different and so in preparation for our three step process, we start with a detailed briefing meeting to ensure we focus your time and resources most effectively. Next:

  1. AUDIT – step one is to understand the business and the marketplace in which you operate.
  2. STRATEGY – step two is a strategy workshop with your team . At this point we would develop your outline strategy, personas and goals.
  3. PLAN – step three is a second workshop that entails the development of the Content Calendar, review of resources required and the setting of key performance measures.


The outcome is a social media strategy for your business in which your team will have been fully involved and a clear plan of action to implement it.

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