Customer Insights

Face to face or on-line, generate and test ideas for competitive differentiation, branding or marketing campaigns.

We see research simply as a means to grow your business, allowing you to target and prioritise your marketing and identify new opportunities.
Using online surveys, interviews, focus groups and desk research, we can quickly and cost effectively gather the data you need.
We then draw out the conclusions and recommend actions that will deliver tangible benefits to your brand and to your business.

Of course, we would work with you to agree the exact brief for the research and the most suitable way to undertake it. As an indication, we typically conduct an online survey and may also include one-to-one interviews with key stakeholders or focus groups to build in-depth insights.

  • On-line Surveys
    an easy and cost-effective way to reach all business areas and large numbers of clients and contacts. They provide a snapshot of the current situation allowing us to build a map of your audiences and can be used as a benchmark to monitor progress.
  • One-to-One Interviews
    a powerful means to gather data from key stakeholders – such as senior decision makers, influencers and referrers who have significant influence on the business.
  • Focus Groups
    ideal for exploring in depth a few key concepts – such as exploring issues or opportunities revealed in the online research.

Our expertise in both B2B and B2C sectors ensures your research delivers on your goals. And we don’t deliver flat research results – we provide top line feedback throughout, the process and provide a lively, face-to-face briefing with your team.