One Million Visitors – Driving Results Through Digital

Spitalfields E1 recently broke through the million visitors .mark demonstrating the power of digital integrated with traditional channels to drive brand profile and deliver tangible results including footfall and followers.

The New Face of Wells Bombardier

Charles Wells has announced that Bob Mortimer will replace the late Rik Mayall as the face of their Bombardier beer.

Report Brings Community Fund Successes to Life

Clarity was asked a to produce a report on the projects supported by the Bermondsey Square Community Fund between. We decided to create a digital magazine that allows the viewers to experience the range and diversity of the projects supported through images and video.

Congratulations to Charles Wells

Congratulations to our client Charles Wells/Wells & Young’s Brewery who announced profits increased by 24%. See the new branding we’ve been working on in action too.

Collaborating with Simplify Branding

The Nigerian property development company, Persianas is embarking on an aggressive growth plan for its retail malls including a$200 million investment to expand The Palms, Lagos shopping mall into a world class destination with a hotel, office complex and events arena. To support this expansion we are developing a new […]