Brand Strategy

We have developed a tried and tested process to evaluate where your brand is now and how to achieve your brand aspirations.


What do you want your audiences to think of when they think about your brand? The conceptual place you want to own in their minds — the benefits you want them to think of and that sets you apart from your competitors.

Our process provides an objective evaluation of current brand marketing together with ideas to maximise impact and return on investment.

The outcome is a tailored programme to achieve your branding goals. This could include research, naming options, and design of new brand and roll out.

The brand audit/analysis may include:

Brand Journey– Personas and Brand journey plotting

Review of brand experience at each touch point.

Audience Insights:

  • Stakeholder feedback
  • Customer complaints.
  • Advocates/press coverage.
  • Employee feedback.

Brand metrics –Review of data and insights

Brand consistency-Tone of voice, Logo usage, Strapline, Typeface, Specified colours. Use of brand guidelines/brand toolkit. Brand tone of voice.

Brand positioning- How successfully the brand adds value and what that value is to its various audiences? How it communicates a unique offer valued by its various audiences.

Brand architecture: How the brand fits (or doesn’t) within the wider corporate proposition and how to link brands to add value to the organisation and to the stakeholders.

Brand Planning

From the analysis for the brand together with the wider organisation goals, we will be able to devise:

  • The outline Brand Strategy
  • The Brand Values
  • The Brand Design and Naming Brief (where relevant).

The Brand Values and Brief will provide a sound basis on which to challenge and evaluate any creative work required to freshen the brand.

The Brand Communications Matrix will demonstrate to the team how the business can deliver on its new brand vision and values to each of its audiences and at each stage of the relationship in order to create a strong competitive advantage.

The plan will include targets together with gap analysis to clarify the benefits of the rebrand and the priorities to address to deliver an enhanced brand experience.

Typically we will complete the analysis by providing a Brand Plan document which will include a Costed Plan for the implementation of the Branding Strategy.

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