Clarity provide good creative input and when we’ve agreed a plan, always get it done on time and to budget.

Jonathan Levy, Managing Director, BLL Ltd.

Making Memory Sticks and Marketing Memorable

British Loose Leaf’s new product TwistKey is an innovative product that will present your data and your brand in a memorable and handy pack. It’s great for making your presentation stand out from the crowd and for ensuring it doesn’t  get lost either!

Working alongside the in-house team, we developed the sales and marketing processes including interactive website to enable audiences around the globe to get the information they needed, when they chose.

We worked together on the  CRM process including template e-mails, telemarketing scripts and reporting; twitter for events, eshots and supporting sales collateral.

We continue to provide hands-on support. Recent feedback included:

“We are building momentum now with £XX of TwistKey orders in December and have had three orders so far this year along with 10 requests for personalised samples. We have nine exhibitions booked for this year so far and have 300 enquiries for 20+ countries from the January event.”

Nick Stevens, Commercial Director

Talk is cheap... in fact it's free

We have helped more than 30 clients in the past 10 years so if you are looking to increase marketing effectiveness, become more agile or simply seek a fresh perspective on your brand, website or business communications, why not get in touch.