WebActivate Marketing Automation

Why invest in marketing automation now?

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, the way customers research and interact with prospective suppliers is changing. Individuals of all ages increasingly access information on their mobiles, tablets, or computer. What’s more, they do so at the time and place of their choosing and want only information that is specific to them.

Investing in Marketing Automation will enable you to:

  • Improve customer service and satisfaction by providing relevant and timely communications suited to different audience segments
  • Use analytics and monitoring to measure success and enable A/B testing to constantly improve communications activities
  • Reduce the cost of interaction with contacts and so deliver greater efficiency, allowing your marketing team to work smarter

WebActivate utilises automation software powered by Active Campaign, customised by *Clarity in Marketing to provide a thoroughly professional user experience.

Turn your website into a lead engine and visitor experience manager with our WebActivate software.

WebActivate connects you with your website visitors. We do this by giving interested visitors a reason to identify themselves just as they would exchange business cards in a face-to-face meeting. How we do this will depend on your audiences and their behaviour, but it can be as simple as an email sign up or downloading a white paper, to booking a phone call or asking them if they found everything they were looking for when they leave the website.

When a visitor fills in a form you can trigger focused, relevant and personalised email campaigns based on their profile and the webpages they visited. You can even alert sales staff to follow up. What’s more, every time a lead returns to your website, opens an email from you, or connects in other ways you build a profile of them allowing you to follow them up with relevant content and offers at the right times.

With WebActivate integrated into your website you can:

  • Identify your web visitors and build a profile of their interests and intent by capturing the pages they visit and their interactions with Igloo
  • Nurture contacts with automated email campaigns
  • Prioritise who to follow up and when with lead scores configured for your business
  • Notify business development / sales staff when to follow up so opportunities aren’t missed
  • Use advanced email marketing tools for individual and broadcast emails
  • Automatic integration of Outlook and Gmail to effortlessly record all interactions
  • Monitor ROI with the simple CRM which tracks all interactions and provides a visual lead pipeline and reports